Thursday, December 5, 2013

This is not goodbye...

Hey Prey for Fashion Community,

I just wanted to pop this up here, incase you smart people had not figured it out already. I am not longer blogging here. I love this blog and its title and the community that is has formed, but I realized that I wanted a platform that was more community and lifestyle oriented. With that, in November I launched a new blog with my sister and dear friend called A Fine and Feathered Life. It is just a baby blog right now, so I hope that you will head over and check it out!

Love you all!

And remember to ROCK it till you LOVE it!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

AMNW: Be Convertible

I got to hang with the crew at AMNW today! It was so fun and awesome as usual, but today was extra special because I got to bring along three great ladies with me to be models!

We talked today about how to convert outfits quickly into evening looks so you can be ready to go out on the town in a flash! Here is the segment and a special thanks to Julie, Kayla and Kelsey. You ladies were so lovely!

1. Maxi Dress with a blazer and flats for day/work. Convert it to an evening look by removing the blazer, switching the flats out for some platform sandals and adding several pieces of really chunky jewelry. Excessive jewelry is a big trend right now, so slap on some big earrings and a stack of bracelets for both wrists. 

2. Colored skinny jeans, a nice tank top with a cardigan will work for a causal day look. Ditch the cardigan and switch out the tennis shoes for some heels.  A stack of bracelets and oversized bright clutch will set you straight up and ready to hit the town. 

3. A dark skirt, silky shirt and a blazer is a classic look for work and probably the most boring! Take this look out on the town by switching out your blazer for a cropped denim jacket, lose the boring office shoes for some glammed-up gladiator sandals. And try a fun up-do like a sock bun to get your hair up and out of your face for work; this will transition into a sleek evening look. Bright lipstick with an up-do like this one is a hit as well!

Remember to Rock it Till you LOVE it!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tend Alert: I don't like stripes

I have several things that I don't like very much. Last week we learned that it was the color pink, this week it is stripes. I don't know why, I just have a metal block about them and it makes me really sad. Stripes have always, always been in style and they won't go away, they are a simple way to add interest to an outfit, so I really wish I could get on the stripes train. {Yet, I feel like I am the Hamburgler when I wear them.} I thought I was hopeless, until I saw this awesome top at H&M.

Photo Courtesy of

Do you notice anything different? I will help....The stripes are vertical instead of horizontal!

Why is this significant? Horizontal stripes make everything look horizontal. In my world, this means wide and I am short so I don't need any other help being wide, I need help being long; enter vertical stripes. I love, love, love vertical stripes. They elongate your body and make your waist look thinner. {Can I get an amen on that?}

Let's check out a few show stopping pieces featuring vertical stripes.

vertical stripes

Remember to rock it till you love!

Friday, July 5, 2013

I am a girl and I don't like pink

I got home and had a package waiting for me: my replacement Nike+SportBand kindly sent over by the Nike Digital Sports team to replace my broken one. I have been waiting and waiting for over a month for this exchange and was so excited to open the box. My {spoiled} hopes turned bittersweet when I saw what was inside. You see, I was told upon return that I wouldn't be able to choose the replacement color I would receive. So of course, what color did I get: fireberry pink! My least favorite of all shades of pink, I believe; here's a quick peek at what it looked like.
Call me spoiled, but I was determined to get it exchanged for this pretty white one.

Thankfully, I was able to switch it out at the employee store and have been so enjoying it ever since!

All of this got me thinking...why did I end up with a fireberry colored SportBand in the first place? {Warning: I am going to make some assumptions now.} I am assuming that the people who were to replace my old SportBand looked at my name and saw that I am a girl and assumed that fireberry PINK would be the color I would choose. Welp, they were wrong. I am a girl, and I don't like pink. I believe that stereotypes can be true, but I do not like pink. {I don't hate pink, in fact, my favorite dress is this amazingly gorgeous light pink shade that I just adore.} Anyway, this inspired me to write you the following little note: 

I am a girl, and I don't like pink.
I am a girl, and I am tough.
I am a girl, and I like to sweat.
I am a girl, and I like to run.
I am a girl, and I am a leader.
I am a girl, and I am strong.
I am a girl, and I am logical. 
 I am a girl, and I drink black coffee.
I am girl, but I don't like pink, I am tough, 
I like to sweat, I run hard, I lead well,
I am strong, I am logical, and I drink black coffee. 

I am a girl, and I like to wear dresses. 
I am a girl, and I like lipstick. 
I am a girl, and I like to cook. 
I am a girl, and I like to clean my house. 
I am a girl, and I cry.
I am a girl, and I am spoiled.
I am a girl, and I have real emotions.
I am a girl, and I am feminine. 
I am a girl and I like to wear dresses and lipstick 
and to cook for my husband and to clean my house, 
I cry, have real emotions, am spoiled, and I am feminine. 

I am a girl and I don't like pink. 

P.S. I understand I am being slightly dramatic here about the color of my SportBand and was really, really spoiled about it, but I was sure to be kind to the people at Nike and they were kind back in letting me have the white one! Success!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

10 Things to Know

You don't know me. I want to know you. My name is Rebecca Marie Alexander Pickrel, or Beeks for short. I got my nickname from my dad when I was in middle school because, well who knows really why my dad decided that would be my name, but it stuck. I thought I would introduce myself today, since I have been with you for several months with little to no introduction. I love lists and facts so to combine those two loves, I thought I would give you a list of the top ten things to know about me, Beeks. Here goes!

1. I love Jesus a whole stinking lot, and I'm {relatively} normal.

2. I am a Portlander. Can't help it. Can't hide it. Proud of it. I love my city and I love my state!
Oregon Heart

3. Music is my passion and my core. It is how I connect with the world all around me.

4. I love to collect facts. Really, ask me anything!

5. I love to run, and to run a lot, and really far because I am overly competitive {ok, that was two facts}.

6. I like books and want to read all the time.

7. I am obsessed with guacamole {especially when it is from Chipotle}.

8. The only dessert I like is ice cream.

9. My husband is Ryan and he is hot and he loves me way more than anyone ever should.

10. I have an {un}healthy relationship with my dog Vera the half-vizsla. I promise you she speaks.

And a few more for good measure...

11. I love being a girl {but also being tough}.

12. I am ambitious and determined.

13. Oh and blondes really do have more fun!

So now you know about me, tell me about you!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Going Gatsby: Fashion Trends of the 1920s

If I haven't read the book then I won't see the movie. Its a rule that I have for myself. Luckily I have read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald so I am licensed to go see the movie, which was released on Saturday. Period movies are one of my favorite types {thank you amor divino Emily for dragging me to so many that I finally fell in love}. I hated Moulin Rouge! {Yes there is an exclamation point in the title of that show} but I watched it again this past Christmas and LOVED it so I am hoping I can get on board with the whole Gatsby idea on the first go, since both are directed by Baz Luhrmann.

Today's post is going to feed my super nerdy historian side. Watch out!

The 1920s were an interesting time in American History and the world was really getting ready to roar, filled with glitz and glam. Prohibition and women's rights were hot topic and issues of equality really influenced the fashion world as well. 1920s fashion was dripping with menswear items from oxford shoes to trouser cut pants, clothing icons like CoCo Chanel used fashion as their outlet for social equality, but they didn't sacrifice the glamour and femininity of pieces.

I love how trends recycle and fashion today is such a mix so you can incorporate so many looks into your wardrobe. Let's look at a couple of 1920s trends that we can still wear today!
1. Dresses in the 1920s were a lot shorter than the previous fashions, featuring drop waists and boyish silhouettes to go against social trends. A straight sheath dress is a classic look that can still be added to your closet today.

2. Skirts were shortened as well and worn full with pleats to allow a lot of movement. Pair a full skirt with a loose blouse to get a fun vintage modern look.

3. T-straps {one of my favorites} were really popular during this decade because they helped shoes stay on through a night of dancing. Oxford flats were introduced as both functional and fashionable pieces. Either can be paired with an outfit to give you and instantly vintage look.

4. Trouser Pants were seen as the ultimate social equalizer for women in the 1920s. Trousers with a loose cut and tapered leg will still look great paired with some oxfords.

5. Mix and Match Tops and blouses gave women more options when budgets grew thinner during The Great Depression. The cuts were loose to give a more boyish look and often made of silk or rayon. An embellished blouse is a great piece to spice up a plain look.

Glitz and glam it up for The Great Gatsby and ROCK IT TILL YOU LOVE IT!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013