Thursday, June 2, 2011

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 14

I am going to show you one of my favorite things to do when I get in a style slump, or when the new Anthropologie catalog finds its way to my mailbox. Last night I went through the most current Anthorpologie catalog while I was deciding what look to wear today. I often look through these catalogs to see how I can restyle and mix up my current wardrobe so that I don't have to go rush out and buy something new. Close to the end I found a look that I thought I could steal without having to sell my husband's kidneys. Let's see how I did?
Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie June 2011 Catalog

1. Oversized Shirt: This top is one of the more quality pieces in my wardrobe, I picked it up at Antrhopologie on sale and I am not sure how much it really cost me. I chose it for this look to mimic the Hyperbole Pullover in the look from the Anthro catalog because it has a tight bottom and wide top as well.

2. Elastic Belt: I chose this belt because it is a contrasting color to my purple patterned top and black dress. They chose the Blurred Bands Belt in the catalog. Once again the contrasting color stands out really well in their look too.

3. Long Tank Dress: This dress serves several purposes in my look today. I needed a tank to go under the oversized shirt because it sits off my shoulder to one side (I love that look) so the wide straps on the dress worked perfectly to facilitate that so I didn't have to wear another layer. I chose it to mimic the Explorations Skirt that was used in the catalog. I love the straighter cut of this dress as well because it doesn't make my short body look too wide.

4. Oxford Flats: This pair I scored at DSW by Big Buddha Shoes. I chose them for this look today because it was rainy outside and I couldn't wear the sandals I wanted to that would also have worked with this look.

I know its not all perfectly the same, but conceptually! How do think I measured up?

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  1. You pulled the look off beautifully! What a soft, feminine look. Love it, girl. -Katie B.