Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Outfit-A-Day Project: Day 19

While running this morning, I got really excited to share this look with you all that I think my mile time dropped by a good 30 seconds. Who knew fashion could give you such an adrenaline rush? Let's take a gander at today's look.

1. Inkblot Scarf: Love this piece so very much, I think I have used it several times over the last few weeks. This scarf was the first piece of rust colored something added to my wardrobe. I bought it to take the new color out for a test drive and after one wear, I was hooked! I think rust is a great shade for all skin tones, because it contains both warm and cool color tones. I chose it for this look today because I wanted to break up the big print on my dress and to show that it is ok to blend different types of patterns. Scored this from The Rack.

2. Maxi Dress: What can I not say about this dress? It is incredible to wear and fashionable! The maxi dress is really popular this year and it comes in a variety of styles, lengths, material and colors so, if you follow my fashion motto, with persistence you will find one that works for your body. I chose this one from Forever21 last summer for several reasons. I loved the navy color and, of course, the tiny print that was all over it, but really the cut is what won it all for me. This dress is cut very straight and I can't actually stride fully in it, but the bunch right under my bust line and the way it moves slightly out to hide the tummy area, without making you look pregnant, create such a beautiful visual line. This piece is what I centered my whole look upon because I wanted the comfort and ease this dress provides on my long day.

You can see my shoes better here.
3. Platform Wedges: I was shopping a couple weeks ago with a dear friend and she slipped these shoes on in the dressing room to see how her outfit would look with a pair of heels. I love, love, love that she was wowed at how comfortable they were because nobody ever believes me! I scored these at DSW and the brand is Mia. I chose them for this look today to give me the added allusion of height and length, which is accentuated because of the long dress.


  1. Amor mio, you look sooo cute... and tall! Let's go buy me one of those dresses!!! :)