Thursday, September 22, 2011

Menswear Inspired Fashion: H&M Skinny Trousers Review

Last night I got the opportunity to go shopping with one of my best friends and it was full of conversation broken by the oos and ahhs over the garments of a gorgeous store I like to call H&M. We were on a mission to find blazers of all shapes and sizes, which we accomplished, but both ended up falling in love with two pair of pants both for under $20! Thank you H&M. Here are the ones I chose, my thoughts and a few photos of my look today. 

Length: These trousers are ankle-length which is very popular right now, you just have to be sure they are not that awkward inch too long that looks like you grew out of them or that inch too short where they are cutting you off at the knee. Go for an ankle-length pair that hits you 1 to 2 inches above your ankle bone bump on the inside of your leg.

Material: The combination here is 80% polyester and 20% viscose so they have hardly any stretch to them but they are super soft.

Cut: The trousers are wide at the top and move down to a taper leg at the bottom. I love the high-waist, ruffle along the top edge and skinny-belt that came with the pants.  Because the material is not stretchy, I had to purchase a larger size to accommodate the shape of my legs. The pants are still really tight on my calves, and the waist is probably two inches to big, but I can take them in so that the fit is better up top.

Overall I am super happy with my purchase and for the wardrobe update I was able to accomplish for under $20! You can find these pants and other great styles in H&M stores and online!

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