Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I have been MIA {Did you notice?}

I have been MIA of late. My well developed cynicism has led me to believe that not writing on my blog has not mattered to anyone because no one notices. But, writing my blog is therapeutic no matter what the topic. So today I will say hello to you. Hello.

I have been MIA because we were in South Korea for 6 days and then Beijing, China for 5 days. This trip was an amazing and exhausting experience! I am so thankful we were blessed with the trip and the opportunity to have such unique experiences. Our Pastor was invited to teach at several different locations and we tagged along to share some music during those times. Leading worship internationally fed my soul so well, I can't even tell you!

Here are just a few photos of our trip, most of which are lacking people because I didn't want to compromise anyone that we got to serve while we were abroad.

P.S. I have about 200 more photos I didn't put up, so be thankful.

{South Korea}
Bibimbap for every meal!
Daejon, South Korea
My lovely sister Kathy at Asia Life University
Daejon, South Korea
Wave shaped building project for new city hall.
Seoul, South Korea
Imperial Palace: Curved roofs lined with trinkets for the king.
Seoul, South Korea 
Learned a lot at the DMZ
South Korea
Helmets for the DMZ tunnel experience
South Korea


The Great Wall of China!

We made it to the top!
{Sad: I just lost those sunglasses}

Tiananmen Square
Beijing, China

Housing at Bethel School for Blind
Probably my favorite stop!
Clay Soldiers {Bought one for my Daddy-O}

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