Thursday, June 7, 2012

Aftermath {Wild Canyon Games}

We survived! Not only was this one of my favorite athletic experiences ever but we survived and performed so well. I am proud of the ladies that were on my team this weekend and I am proud of all the hard work we did to run around the camp. Our geo-cachers rocked it big time while we on the triathlon team worked hard as well! I think my favorite part was the Creek to Peak relay course because we got to work together as a team and cheer each other on. {I am a sucker for team events.} I tried really hard to not be the crazy competitive person on our team, but I think I failed.

 {Here are some photos from the weekend}

Mandee and Emily with their SNAKE STICK
The Ferocious Florescent Females of PDX West!
Sarah is hardcore in her muddy cycling
My swim cap for the Triathlon
Katie on the high ropes course! 

Thank you to those who gave scholarships to our team so we could compete. I hope I can be involved next year.

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