Friday, June 22, 2012

Pack Your Summer Weekender Bag {AMNW Segment}

Summer is here! Well at lest we hope that is has arrived. Summer means vacations and trips for a lot of us, which means living out of a piece of a luggage. For those of us who can only afford to take a quick gaunt away, let me introduce you to the weekender bag! 

A weekender bag is big enough for a quick weekend away or an over-night trip for two. But you want to be sure not to fill your space up with unnecessary items. Let's take a look the 7 items I would put in my weekender bag to make sure I have a fashionable weekend away.

1. A Sun Hat: Not only does a sunhat provide protection from harmful UV rays, but they are hugely fashionable and flattering as they come in all shapes and sizes. Choose one that has wide brim and a thickly weaved fabric so it doesn't allow too much light onto your face. I love a dark colored hat because it goes with anything and can be worn at night. 

2. A One-Piece Swimsuit: News Alert! Two-piece swimsuits do not look good on everyone. Embrace the beauty that is the one-piece swimsuit and I guarantee you will feel more confident and look way more elegant! Swimsuits come in so many sizes and shapes. I love one with a low back and hearted top. If you want something to hide your tummy then look for a suit with a ruched front and supportive bust. 

3. A Throw on Dress: Look for a dress that hits you right above the knee and it made of a cotton material so it won't wrinkle in your weekender bag. Dresses that have a v-neck line are flattering on all body types and an a-line will give you the flow and freedom of fabric that you will want on a hot summer's day. 

4. Gladiator Sandals: These are like flip-flops on steroids because they are dressier and multifunctional. If you are sitting by the pool or going out to dinner a good pair of gladiators gives you a facelift from the average flip-flop. You can even find them with a little heal or metallic features. I love some with some color on them. 

5. Over-Sized Sunglasses: Not only will half your face be guarded from those harmful UV rays mentioned before but you will also be able to read your book in the sunlight. Choosing a less sporty more fashion frame gives your lenses more versatility.

6. Black or Dark Colored Top: Darker colors look dressier and if you need to toss on a top and go out to a nice dinner, you better have a good one with your. For the sake of packing light, I suggesting taking a top that you don't have to iron and that you know goes with everything you are bringing. Use basic fashion guidelines like: v-necks are dressier than round neck lines and details make the difference in a good top or a bad top. 

7. White Capris: A true staple of summer, white capris come in all shapes and sizes. The big kicker this year is white denim. Make sure your capris hit about a handspan above your ankle bone or you run the risk of cutting your body into unflattering pieces. 

The most important thing is to make sure all the pieces in your weekender bag and be mixed and matched to best utilize your space. 


  1. Great ideas!! Ms. becky sent me to your blog and is def a cool one!!