Saturday, June 16, 2012

PDX Marathon Week 3: I was slow all week {Nike+ SportBand}

I have this great product that I am sure most of you are aware of its called The Nike+ SportBand. This contraption has made my little life as runner feel complete.

When I trained for my first several half-marathons, I ran with my iPhone shoved in an armband with the MapMyRun app running loudly for the public to hear. For someone who doesn't run with music jammed in their ears, I mostly just was annoyed to be carrying my phone along with me, but I didn't have another way to track my workouts. I looked into the GPS watches made by Garmin, TomTom and Nike but the price just wasn't gonna work for my budget so I turned to the Nike+ SportBand last summer and won't look back.

The SportBand tracks my mileage, pace, calories burnt, overall time of my run and its a watch. It plugs straight into my computer's USB jack to update and store all of my run history on the website for Nike+Running. As I said, it does not have GPS capabilities so you have to calibrate to your stride length once your up and running. {Nike has a GPS based SportWatch but it doesn't fit me. One of the other main problems I had with the other bulky contraptions out there for tracking, I need pinhead sized technology for my flimsy wrists!} Mine is neon yellow and grey and I love how slim it fits on my tiny wrist.

 Let's take a look at this awesome contraption.

I don't have Nike+ shoes, because I have not tried to workout in Nikes since 9th grade when I fell in love with Mizuno running shoes {another story for another post} so I had to find a pouch for my Nike+ sensor. Because I am so cool, I knit my knit my oval shaped sensor a custom pouch out of water-resistant yarn, yes it exists its called wool, and I am proud of it!

No, my arm isn't usually that red.
I was bad and got a wicked sunburn today.
Note the time, I need to got to bed.
See the cool USB part!
All in all, I love my Nike+ SportBand, and I can't live without it when it comes to my runs. I get sort of upset if I can't find it in the morning before I run. Today's piece of training advice: embrace technology. Get some piece of equipment that can track your hard work for you!

{Nike or any of its affiliates did not pay me for my opinions and I am only endorsing this product because I love it and think it is awesome. All of these opinions are my own.}

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