Friday, June 1, 2012

Wild Canyon Games {Ferocious Florescent Females of Portland West}

We are about to get so close in the next 30 seconds I can't even tell you. Below is a photo of me, which you have all seen me before, but not like this. Today I leave for the Wild Canyon Games at 1 Muddy Road, Antelope, Oregon. I don't really know how to explain this even to you all except that it is going to be one of those crazy intense weekends, like if Hood to Coast bred with an obstacle course. Check out their promo video here.

 I am so excited for this opportunity and to hang out with some great girls and to push ourselves to the limit. I am the swimmer for the event, which means swimming 0.93 miles, in a wetsuit, in a reservoir filled with creatures {I know I write a fashion blog but I am not that girly of a girl but for some reason creatures in a stagnant pool of water freak me out!} Here is where we get up-close-and-personal...I swam in my loaner wetsuit today for at the pool, check me out. It wasn't as horrible as I felt, but it was pretty embarrassing.

Our team name is the Ferocious Florescent Females of Portland West. We will be donning awesome neon yellow tops the whole weekend {I even got a neon sports bra}. I love neon and we are seeing some awesome colors this season in all shades. I have been stocking up in a rather obsessive manner. Below is a color palette I am in love with for the season.

What colors do you love right now? Use the tool at Palette Builder to put together an image and upload you palettes to the comments below!

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