Tuesday, August 7, 2012

PDX Marathon Week 9: When I don't feel great

So this week was a bit of a recovery week because I ran a race last weekend...but it didn't make the week any easier. I had to run a total of 24 miles  this week {3 miles, 7 miles, 4 miles, and 10 miles}. Not that many miles, but I was mentally dragging all week. This is the type of week where all I wanted to do was drink an iced grande chai as soon as I left my front door.

My long run was proof of my struggles, not only did I barely run under 9:00 per mile and have leg cramps from not stretching enough during the week, but I had my first energy GU mishap. I love GU and have never had a problem ripping it open and gulping it down, until Saturday. It was really warm in Portland this weekend, 102* F as a matter of fact, and the GU I carried only got warmer.  I am a clumsy ninja in the first place and so when I opened the packet, GU spewed everywhere! I got it all down my hand, on my shoulder, cheek, and arm. It was a messy situation as you can see below!

Ok...so I know it doesn't look that bad, but I was desperate
for the GU at this point in my run that I did the best I could
to lick it off of myself while continuing to run. 
Anyway, let's just say that I didn't have a great, coordinated run on Saturday, but I made it! It is all mental...So how did I cope with this? Well, I bought new running shoes of course!

My running shoes for the last 5 years have been a variety of styles of the Mizuno Wave Inspire. Currently, I am rocking this pair of bright yellow and charcoal grey ones. They are a few models old, but I keep buying them in my size off Amazon because I am a girl and the color of my running shoes matters to me.

 Recently, I learned that a running shoe needs to fit from around the laces and through your arch. The length and space in the toe cavity is not of the greatest concern. Most runners go up a size when purchasing because your foot swells as you run and requires more space. A lot of runners complain about losing toenails or their feet feeling claustrophobic, this is mostly due to their shoes being too small. Keep in mind how you lace your shoes as well, you don't want to inhibit blood circulation or nerve function in your feet. Your whole body is connected and it takes your whole body to run.

I usually get about 400 to 500 miles out of my shoes because I make sure to only wear them when I run. Running shoes are for running not the gym and hiking, but running! Most say to change out your shoes every 300 to 500 miles. I think that your body is a good indicator of when it is time to buy new shoes. So listen to your knees and ankles on this one.

Mizuno has a great tool to help you find a good pair of running shoes, but I would highly recommend going to a place that watches you run to determine what your gait needs best. Here are some places in the Portland area that will help you through the shoe selection process.

Portland Running Company
Foot Traffic
Road Runner Sports

How do you cope when you have a bad run? Or just a bad day in general?

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