Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PDX Marathon Week 15: This is my Life

I get emails from Runner's World a couple times a week and usually I read a small portion then push delete, but in today's email there was a video that I had to share with all of you because it is so funny!

Did you laugh? This is what actually happens while you are running and for someone like me, who has really bad allergies, it is magnified a lot of the time. In the last race I competed in a few months back, I almost got hit with a snot rocket! The man that almost tagged me was one of those that has to hurry up and get around you so that they can run the same pace as you or slower. Then when he was in front of me I heard it coming! I almost ran into my friend Jenny and we both laughed so hard {slash were super annoyed} for a few minutes. Got to love the snot rockets.

Injury Update: I have been on the elliptical several times in the last week with no residual pain, which is great! I am going to try to add some real running back into my life this next week.

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