Monday, November 12, 2012

AMNW Segment: Holiday Dresses for Every Body Type

I got the opportunity to hang-out with the AMNW crew today! Helen and I talked about what holiday dress is right for what body type. The most important thing to remember is to take what you have and work it!

1. For a Tummy: Look for something that has a ruched front to create a more visually flattened stomach and a defined waist. Avoid lightweight fabrics that will cling to our middle. 

2. Hourglass Figures: Choose something that enhances your curves and will move with you. Your body is the most balanced of figures so form fitting pieces are in your favor! Stiff fabrics will not be your best choice because they don't shape to your curves. 

3. For the Busty Gal: Avoid high necklines so that you do not overemphasize an already large bust. Go with a nice wide scoop neckline or a shallow wide v-neck to open up your chest and draw attention upward.

4. Those with Full Hips or Thighs: Go for shorter sleeves and an interesting top half to draw the eye up. Avoid pieces that are tapered on the bottom; straight is okay but make sure the pieces doesn't cling to you.

5. For the Petite Gal: You are short so wearing a shorter dress is your prerogative. The idea here is to play up your proportions and show off some leg, which will make you look taller. Too much dress can just make you look short and stumpy. Be sure to have a nicely defined waist to create an hourglass form. 

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