Friday, March 29, 2013

A Tradition: The Easter Sunday Outfit

Easter is an amazing season: it represents the new life that Christ gave us through his death and resurrection. Easter is a tasty season with all the chocolates and jelly beans. Easter is a busy season, especially when it falls near Spring Break like this year, or when you are involved in church on Easter Sunday. Easter is the holiday where old-time fashion can thrive, enter the Easter dress. 

Church goers have been encouraged to wear their Sunday best every weekend to honor God, but the fashion expectations have been advanced by the importance of Easter Sunday and the great message on which it focuses. Historically, the new Easter ensemble has been a representation of the new life the Easter message proclaims, therefore, get a new dress. Yet, even if you one couldn't afford a whole new wardrobe for the occasion you could get just a new hat or a nice piece of ribbon to sew along the edge of a dress you already owned. {Man! I wish I could wear a huge hat to church on Sunday and not get stared down. Hat wearing is a lost art form!} 

Now, I do not wish to poison what Easter is really about by focusing on fashion instead, but choosing the perfect Easter Sunday outfit has been a part of my life forever. We always got to have a new dress for church, either store bought or homemade and maybe even some new shoes. I think my mom used it as a way to treat us to some new items for the {hopefully} sunny weather. 

History lesson and reminiscing aside, here are a few of my faves for Easter Sunday 2013.

Easter Sunday

1. Colored trousers, peplum top and metallic toed flats.
2. Navy slim cut dress, floral blazer and nude heels.
3. Cardigan, pleated skirt dress, and contrasting booties.
4. Floral print dress and cropped cowboy boots.
5. Denim shirt, floral skater skirt and bright flats.

My great friend Kendra over at Citizens of Beauty put together a great Easter look to go with her fave form above, as well as some suggestions for the other outfits! Be sure to take a look!

Remember: Rock it till you love it!

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